A blog where hopefully i'll be updating what i get upto during my India trip.
first post, its dull watch out.
Published on September 4, 2008 By Bradaski In Travel

Wooo got the blog page started!

So, nightshifts it is again! this time though im saving for the trip to india. Which I must admit really helps to have that kind of drive to get the money because I know that soon enough doing nightshifts is going to start consuming my soul and forever placing me in the twilight zone.

Even though you sleep the same amount waking up between 5pm-7pm can be abit disorientating at first. Its like you've missed an entire day. With a day shift where once you come home you have some time to yourself and can stay up as long as you want knowing your evenings free. A nightshift always looms ahead as you wake up and only have 3-4 hours before work starts, and then, when you return home your working again later that day! It messes with your head so much. Terms like tomorrow or yesterday just fall apart and everything just turns in to 'today'. For example everyones going home at the end of the shift and your right in saying "see you guys later today". I personally prefer calling it tomorrow regardless of techicallity!

This time around i also dont have a car, which at first really loomed as my starting date drew closer. However cycling really isnt as bad as i thought and it leaves me feeling like im managing to get some fitness done whilst I work. Normal nightshifts would just involve turning into a zombie and vegitating at the same time.

As some preparation for India im starting to take sauna's and well got the cycling as some fitness. Hopefully on my nights off i'll get some backpack work done. The last thing i want is fitness to be an issue when im out there!

Meh anyways this is long and boring so far! Guess this sets the scence abit, doing nightshifts, preparing to go to india, then india for real!


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